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Bathroom Remodeling

If you have been dreaming of a bathroom that's not only practical and attractive, but also serves as a place for peace and calm serenity, our remodel experts at FTR Renovation & Build can help you. We believe that your bathroom should not just serve its functional purpose, but also be a beautiful and relaxing place of retreat.


Bathrooms with a modern contemporary style tend to have a sophisticated look. That consists of sharp lines and neutral colors. Modern design provides a crisp, clean and current interior.


Contemporary design provides a modern style mixed with earthy hues. Adding a contemporary feel to the modern decor turns the space into a warm and welcoming sanctuary.

FTR Renovation & Build team is experienced in building and remodeling handicap accessible bathrooms. These bathrooms offer the user greater mobility and accessibility promoting a higher level of independence and comfort in the usesrs' daily living activities.  

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