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Second Floor Addition

Life is an ever changing thing … With that in mind, what worked for you yesterday may not be suitable for your life today. Therefore, you may have reached a point in time when you need to undergo certain home improvements or home remodeling. 


If that is the case, you necessarily want to make sure that you engage the most experienced, reputable and reliable home improvement and remodeling contractor in business today. FTR Renovation & Build is a premier home improvement and remodeling contractor in the Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange County area. We collaborate with architects, engineers, designers and subcontractors, who are working together to plan, design and build your project. We use user friendly state of the art software programs to create plans for your project which enables you to participate and supervise every step of development with ease and efficiency.


Throughout the years, we have designed and built many kinds of additions: one and/or two-story; patio enclosures and new homes including hardscape and landscape, pool and spa. Our group of professionals will represent the project in the City Government offices from day one to the end of your project. FTR Renovation & Build will ensure a smooth process, on time and on budget. Our motto is to advise you as if we advise ourselves. If preferred, customers can provide their own set of plans; we will build based on those plans.

A successful project requires good planning, proper communication channels and craftsmanship. We turn your dreams into reality, allowing us to take pride in our projects, meeting our target of adding a customer for life and get referrals.

We are experts in various room additions, 1st floor, patio enclosure, 2nd story new construction, high ceilings, complete with architectural and design plans and meeting the requirements for local city approval using vinyl, wood-clad aluminum windows, environmently friendly and low energy materials and recycled products.

We are here to answer all your construction needs!

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